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GameStop now a game publisher, too

The company has created a publishing label called GameTrust to help it expand into new areas, while its main retail business has been struggling to grow.

GameStop will now create video games.
Richard Levine/Corbis

Video-game retailer GameStop is diving deeper into publishing games, announcing Monday the creation of its own publishing label called GameTrust.

The new label comes after the retailer earlier this year teamed up with Insomniac, maker of the "Ratchet and Clank" games, to create the latter's next title. But GameTrust may not be like most publishers. Mark Stanley, a GameStop development executive, told GameSpot that GameTrust won't have any creative control over the games and studios it works with, instead relying on developer partners for that.

"By allowing developers to fully focus on their craft, GameTrust can focus on all other aspects of bringing a new IP to market," he said, referring to intellectual property.

GameTrust could become a new way for developers to come out with games. But more importantly, it could help GameStop find a new way of making money since its main business of selling new and used games and consoles has been struggling to grow, with digital sales becoming a bigger part of its business.