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GameStop is hosting an in-store PS5 restock across the US tomorrow

If your nearby store has confirmed consoles, be ready to line up Friday morning.

Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

One of the only places you can reliably walk into an actual store and take advantage of a PS5 restock in the last few months has been GameStop. Every couple of weeks the company announces an in-store event with the promise of a PS5 restock happening near you. The next one of these events, according to the GameStop website, is this Friday, Jan. 14. The consoles will be sold as a bundle, which means it'll cost more than the standard $499, but you'll be getting extra accessories and games to match the modified price.

GameStop doesn't always manage to get a bunch of consoles to every one of its stores in the US on the same day, so these PS5 restock events are somewhat limited. To help locate a store near you with confirmed consoles in stock, GameStop has updated the stock locator on its website so you can punch in your ZIP code and see what's available. If your local store shows up on the list, there will be consoles available when it opens tomorrow morning. 

What this does not tell you is how many consoles will be available to buy, or how many people in your area are willing to stand outside the store when a restock is happening. The best way to get this information is the old-fashioned way -- call the store and ask very nicely. Most GameStop locations are happy to share restock details and store opening times with you so you can plan accordingly. 

If it turns out there isn't a PS5 restock at your local GameStop tomorrow, there are online restocks almost every day, which we track right here. You can check back daily and get more information on when the next PS5 restock will be taking place.