GameStick reveals its final design

The Ouya competitor is showing off the final look of its Android gaming console.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey

As Ouya showed off its opening line-up of Android games, GameStick took to Facebook to reveal its new design.

A photo-real mock-up from the GameStick Facebook page. (Credit: GameStick)

On its Kickstarter page, GameStick CEO Jasper Smith said that the new design has been influenced by the thousands of feedback emails received from backers and other interested parties.

As you will see, we have rounded the edges quite a bit so that our controller feels better in the hand. We then lost the groove between the middle section of the controller and the top deck so that it feels smooth all round. This helps keep the controller clean and also makes it feel more comfortable. Then we extended the palm grips so that they feel more substantial (for those tense moments just before you die in your favourite game) and also changed the magic ratio between the top and bottom edges, adding 3mm to the leading edge so that the controller sits more naturally in your hand.

Other design changes include a rubberised D-pad, a contact charging system, 45-degree tilt control and more.

With — at the time of writing — 60 hours left to go, it has reached a highly impressive US$540,000 of its US$100,000 goal. Estimated delivery date is April this year.

(Credit: GameStick)