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Games you can't afford to miss this Christmas

Each games console has one killer game you absolutely must consider ignoring your family to play this festive season. So whip your nog out and let's count down the top titles you just can't miss

It's the time of year we like to spend with friends and family, so we thought it was only fitting to talk about some of the ways you can be antisocial and completely ignore them. We're talking, of course, about the best videogames to buy, or be given, this Christmas.

Each console has one killer game you absolutely must consider ignoring your family to play this year. So whip your nog out and let's get going.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the best console you can buy today. It might be the best console of all time. If Final Fantasy XIII was coming out before Christmas, it'd be our Xbox choice for the festive season. Instead, we're suggesting Dragon Age: Origins. As a single-player fantasy RPG, it'll really help you ignore how worryingly thin Grandma's got since you last saw her. It's full of fantasy cliches, but an epic story makes that a moot point. Check out our sister site GameSpot's review for all the gory -- and we mean gory -- details. (It's also on PS3 and PC.)

PlayStation 3

You've probably heard this game kicks a significant amount of ass. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves scored 9.5 on GameSpot UK, an average of 9.5 after more than 5,000 votes from users, and an average of 9.6 after 71 reviews from other gaming sites. This Tomb Raider-like adventure game has exhilarating action, unprecedented graphics and some stellar co-operative multiplayer action. If you're buying a PS3, it's an absolute must.

Nintendo Wii

Tiger Woods may be the tabloid front-page favourite this month, but we couldn't give a fairway about his private life. What we care about is that his latest PGA Tour game is not only one of the best sports games on any console this Christmas, but, according to our friends on GameSpot, is "as close as you can get to a golf course without paying green fees". You'll grasp your Wiimote as if you're holding your wood, and the Wii Motion Plus accessory makes the experience even more accurate. If you can't get your balls out on the golf course because of the snow, you can virtually get them out in front of your whole family with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Nintendo DS

Princess Peach is more trouble than she's worth. All the useless bint does is get herself kidnapped, and force Mario and Luigi to risk life and limb saving her. And what does she do exactly? Would anyone really miss her if we all said "screw it", and let her die? Probably not. In this new Mario adventure though --  Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story -- you get to explore the guts of your age-old nemesis Bowser. Literally. You're actually inside him. For that reason, and because GameSpot gave it 9 out of 10, we'll put aside our hate for that careless royal and suggest this as the one game not to miss on your DS this Christmas.

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