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Games With Friends jumps into your iMessage conversations

Chatting is overrated. With 12 games to play in the new iMessage app, you'll never have to talk to people again.

Games available on the iMessage app include Word Streak With Friends, Cups and Slope Slider.

In case your iMessage conversations get dull, you'll at least have these games to liven things up.

Games with Friends, released Thursday, is Zynga's follow-up to its Words With Friends app for Apple's instant-messaging service. The iOS-only app features 12 mini games you can play in the middle of your conversations. The social-gaming company said it will add more games every month.

The gaming app joins thousands of others for iMessage -- a lot of which are stickers -- as games begin to jump into messaging apps. In November, Facebook introduced Instant Games where people could play classics like Pac-Man, Galaga and Space Invaders, as well as Zynga's Words With Friends: Frenzy in Messenger and on their news feeds.

Here's what you can play on Games with Friends:

Pool: Knock the balls into holes, using the cue stick at the right angle.

Cups: Like beer pong, you swipe the ping-pong ball into the cups.

Slope Slider: Ski down hills and avoid obstacles and try not to get caught by the yeti.

More Peas: See who can get the most peas lined up with the pieces you have.

Ribbit Roller: Swipe to get your frog to jump across the pond. Watch out for the turtles and see who can get the furthest.

Reversi With Friends: The classic board game where the goal is to flip over your opponent's disks to your color.

Four With Friends: Try to connect four pieces in a row before your opponent does.

Hanging With Friends: Guess the word before the hangman is drawn out.

Arcade Bowling: Swipe to roll your ball and try getting it in the high-scoring holes.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Connect three in a row to win.

Chess With Friends: You can now challenge your friends to find out who's the ultimate chess master in your contacts list.

Word Streak With Friends: Try to make as many words as possible by swiping across several letters.