7 games to try on Google Daydream

Looking for a fun game to keep yourself entertained with the Google Daydream? Let us help you.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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James Martin/CNET

Let's be honest, the best use for VR headsets right now is playing games. Watching a movie with a headset strapped to your face isn't all that exciting, and there are only so many historical landmarks you can virtually visit before it gets old.

For the Google Daydream, gaming is where it's at. The Daydream app does a good job surfacing games for the headset, but instead of having to purchase and try each one out individually, here are seven games that are worth the cost.

EarthShape ($4.99, £4.79, AU$6.49)

In EarthShape you are tasked with exploring a series of planets and then planting and growing flowers and plants. Using the Daydream controller you have to solve puzzles in order to aide growth of your plants.

FrostBound ($4.99, £4.79, AU$6.99)

FrostBound is a slow moving game, but one that's full of puzzles. You have to camp, sleep, eat, and hunt for all the necessities to stay alive. And there's something about a black monster who keeps chasing you and your friends, but I haven't got far enough to figure out what that's all about.

Fantastic Beasts (free)

Fantastic Beasts, need I say more? Fine, I will.

In the VR world of Fantastic Beasts you can mix potions and help take care of three different beasts using the Daydream controller as your very own magic wand. Who doesn't want a magic wand?

Danger Goat ($5.99, £4.99, AU$7.99)

One of the goofier games I've played in awhile, Danger Goat is fun. Your job is to help a goat navigate through a map, avoiding deadly obstacles, knocking over boulders, and getting to the finish line.

Earn stars, unlock more levels and keep the goat from getting blown up.

Mekorama ($3.99, £3.79, AU$4.99)

Mekorama is similar to Danger Goat, only instead of being comical it's designed to make you think and evaluate every move. Navigate the little robot from start to finish, moving and manipulating the world around you.

The Arcslinger ($4.99, £7.49, AU$10.99)

A VR experience wouldn't be complete without a shoot-em-up western style game, and that's just what Arcslinger is.

It's fast-paced, and once you get the hang of using gestures on the controller's touchpad, the game gets much better. Instead of slinging bullets, fireballs and freeze rays are just a few of the added weapons.

Wonderglade (free)

All of these games are easy enough for kids to understand and play, but Wonderglade is built specifically for kids.

You are guided through a series of carnival-like games on a map, ranging from putting fires out with a firehose to playing miniature golf. My kids have loved playing and unlocking new levels in Wonderglade.