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Game's Gametronics store opens in Lincoln, rivals CEX

Game has opened the first of its Gametronics stores, which focus on second-hand games and gadgets, much like Computer Exchange.

Computer Exchange might want to worry. High street games retailer Game has just opened its first store specialising in second-hand games as well pre-owned gadgets like MP3 players, tablets, TVs, satnavs, and smart phones. Though the focus will be on second-hand goods, the stores will sell a number of new items too, Game confirmed to MCV.

The shop, called Gametronics, opened in Lincoln on Friday. It's on the site of what used to be the Game store. More Gametronics stores will follow, with one planned for Cambridge. Game says it's targeting cities with two or more Game stores already.

Game says it wants Gametronics stores to be a better avenue for trading in products, to make it more affordable for gamers to upgrade to next-gen consoles. If you trade in any games or gadgets at Gametronics, you can use that credit at any Game store. Or you can get cold hard cash, of course.

Everything you buy from Gametronics will come with a one-year warranty. The other Lincoln Game store, in Cornhill, will continue to trade as normal.

If the Gametronics stores are a success, Game will roll out more of them around the country.

Game has thrown down the gauntlet to the pre-owned institution that is Computer Exchange. Especially in Lincoln, where the new Gametronics store is right next door to Computer Exchange. Hope it's a friendly rivalry.

As you can see from this picture, Gametronics enlisted none other than Master Chief from Halo to cut the ribbon on the grand opening.

Just a couple of years ago, Game was on the brink of going under, but an investment firm rescued it from the jaws of administration.

Do you think Gametronics is a good idea? How can it compete with Computer Exchange? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Ian Chambers on Twitter