Game industry feels the Force

"Star Wars" inspires new line of Alienware PCs and an effort to create new languages for games.

CNET News staff
"Star Wars" provides inspiration for a PC maker specializing in desktops for gamers and an effort to create new languages for games.

Long ago, on a desktop far, far away...

Specialty PC maker Alienware crafts "Star Wars" desktops in "light side" and "dark side" versions.
April 19, 2005

The Force is with these PCs

photos New high-powered desktops by Alienware pay tribute to "Star Wars" characters good and evil.
April 19, 2005

'Jade Empire' for Xbox speaks language all its own

Developers at Bioware go the extra step for the new game by developing an Asian-sounding language from scratch.
The New York Times
April 19, 2005

Disney scoops up Avalanche game studio

Entertainment giant dives deeper into games with acquisition of Avalanche and creation of studio stocked with former EA developers.
April 19, 2005

PSP takes over home

blog Hacker turns PlayStation Portable's built-in Wi-Fi receiver into a universal remote control.
April 18, 2005

'Final Fantasy XI' under attack

DDoS attacks bog down performance of Square Enix's online services; gamers in Japan, Europe and North America affected.
April 18, 2005

GameStop to buy rival Electronics Boutique

Video game retailer has agreed to buy its rival for $1.44 billion in cash and stock.
April 18, 2005

PSP owners gobble up Memory Sticks

You can still buy a PlayStation Portable if you look in the right places, but good luck snagging a memory card for it.
April 15, 2005