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Frog Fractions 2 leaps into Kickstarter

Frog Fractions 2 is seeking funding, and it's somehow even more mystifying than its predecessor.

Frog Fractions 2 is seeking funding, and it's somehow even more mystifying than its predecessor.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Frog Fractions creator Twinbeard isn't really one for explaining what the heck is going on — which you'll know if you ever played Frog Fractions, a game that includes both fractions and frogs, yet doesn't really tell you much about either.

It's either utterly mad, or a stroke of genius — and now Twinbeard, AKA Jim Crawford, is hitting up Kickstarter for a sequel, maybe. Maybe it's an entirely new game. If you were hoping for any particular insights, well, you're just going to have to trust in your love for Frog Fractions and Crawford's vision.

"Most Kickstarters are very detailed about what you're paying for, but the nature of this one is that you're paying for a surprise," Crawford explained. "I created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s, before the era of endless preview coverage and official strategy guides took that feeling away from us, seemingly permanently.

"Frog Fractions 2 will evoke that same feeling even more strongly. I can't describe what I'm going to make in detail, but I can tell you that I've been thinking about how to properly follow up Frog Fractions for the past year, and I believe I can make something genuinely awesome."

The game, however, will be a game. It will be larger than Frog Fractions, with multiple levels and secrets. It will, therefore, be available to purchase for PC, Mac and Linux. It will also not be called Frog Fractions 2. Crawford plans for players to discover the game for themselves — although of course backers will be sent a copy of the game.

"It will probably be called something like 'Lost Kingdom: Reckoning' by Fork Bomb LLC or 'Turbo Finance 2015' by Vespenta Holdings" Crawford said. "Does that Russian flight sim on Desura look suspicious to you? Better play it just to make sure! Or maybe it'll be a plugin for Bonzi Buddy and you'll discover it when your grandpa asks you to make his email go faster. Wait, are you playing Frog Fractions 2 right now?"

Crawford is seeking US$60,000 to make the game, and a minimum pledge of US$15 will reserve you a digital download. Other rewards include a Frog Fractions documentary, the game's soundtrack, a t-shirt, taking part in the game's development and... one of Crawford's "twin beard" braids.

We think we can live without that one. But the rest sounds cool! Check out the Frog Fractions 2 campaign on Kickstarter here, and head here to play the original Frog Fractions game.