Free Nintendo Switch Sports Update Adds New Volleyball Moves, S Rank and More

The Wii Sports successor got its first free update July 26.

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Kevin Knezevic
Nintendo Switch Sports volleyball

New volleyball moves and more are now available in Switch Sports' first free update.


A free update is now available for Nintendo Switch Sports, introducing a host of new features and content to the Wii Sports successor.

Among other things, the update adds the ability to play one-on-one and four-on-four soccer matches using the leg strap, which comes packaged with every physical copy of the game. With this accessory, you can attach a Joy-Con controller to your leg and use real kicking motions to kick the ball.

In addition, the update adds a few new moves for volleyball. You'll now be able to pull off Slide Attacks and Rocket Serves, adding a couple of new tricks to your repertoire.

Finally, Nintendo is introducing new Pro League ranks. Players who've reached A Rank can now strive for two even higher accolades: S Rank and Infinity Rank. You'll also be able to easily join a friend's match online with new Room IDs.

Nintendo has at least one more free update planned for Switch Sports. The game's fall update will add a new sport to the roster, golf, along with other features.