Fortnite's new Impostors mode isn't sitting well with Among Us team

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Fortnite Impostors feels a bit too familiar

Fortnite Impostors feels a bit too familiar.

Epic Games

Fortnite Impostors is the game's newest mode letting players complete menial tasks in a base while members of the team seek to secretly sabotage their efforts and eliminate the players one by one. For the developer of the indie hit Among Us, this mode hits a bit too close to home. 

Members of Innersloth, the team behind Among Us, tweeted on Tuesday about the similarities between their game and Fortnite Impostors. Not only for the same game mechanic of social deduction to find out what team member is an impostor but for having the same terms and a similar map. 

"Like game mechanics fine, those shouldn't be gatekept, but at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting," tweeted Innersloth community director Victoria Tran. 

Among Us programmer Gary Porter tweeted images of the Fortnite Impostors map and the Skeld from his game, noting the small differences between the two. 

"It's okay tho they flipped electrical and medbay and connected security to the cafeteria," Porter said. 

Developer Epic Games declined to comment. 

Fortnite Impostors is currently available on all platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, Mac and Android. The popular battle royale game isn't available on iOS due to a legal dispute between Apple and Epic