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Fortnite's new creative mode lets you build on your own private island

Fortnite Creative launches for everyone on Dec. 13, but Battle Pass owners can try it out starting tomorrow.

Fortnite Creative will be available Dec. 6 for those with a Battle Pass. 

Fortnite is getting a new mode. 

Fortnite Creative will let you "build on your own private island and also design games with friends," according to a video released by developer Epic Games on Wednesday.

Fortnite Creative launches for everyone on Dec. 13, but if you're interested in early access buy a Battle Pass for Season 7, which will let you try it out starting Friday, Dec. 6. (In the video, Epic cautions that "the initial release will be rough.")

Earlier in the week, Epic said it would launch a digital store that could rival Steam. Epic said it would provide more information about the store at The Game Awards on Thursday.