Fortnite season 5, week 9 challenges and how to complete them

The latest challenges that help you build up your Battle Pass have arrived.

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We're in the final two weeks of Fortnite: Battle Royale season 5 (with players still wondering where the Fortnite Cube's going next and now diving into the game's new Getaway game mode) and time is running out to level up your ever-important Battle Pass. 

To make grabbing those tiers even harder, the latest set of Fortnite challenges were delayed. Epic Games says it was because the weekly patch was pushed to Thursday because of a "critical controller issue" so the weekly challenges were delayed to Friday, but now we finally have the official list.

This week's challenges are pretty standard with only a couple of exceptions, but this guide should get you on track for completing them quickly.

And if you haven't completed the week 8 challenges yet, check out our rundown here. Without further ado, here's what is on tap for week 9:

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How to deal damage with explosive weapons to opponents  

Get out your rocket launchers, everyone, because they're going to be the go-to weapon for this challenge. You could also use grenades or grenade launchers, but the rocket launcher still packs more bang for your buck. I would suggest going into the 50 vs. 50 game mode, try to find a rocket launcher, then head to the storm circle for the end game, then try to find groups of enemies and fire away. Though it may seem mean, look for downed (but not out) players because you'll get the damage from killing them and those who are trying to heal them.

How to get trick points in an ATK or shopping cart

Now that there are ATKs all over the map, you won't have to compete with people at Lazy Links. This might take a little while to get 150,000 points, but it will be fun to complete. I suggest playing the 50 vs. 50 mode so you have a little breathing room, then try to get rotation points as you drive off jumps. You also could go land on "stunt mountain" to the northeast of Snobby Shores and try to go for the whole score in a single match with a death defying shopping cart jump. Either way, this one is going to be a good time.

How to follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts

Like all follow-the-treasure-map challenges, you could head to Shifty Shafts to find the map then figure out where to get your battle stars, or just Google it like you just did and get the answer from us! Here's where this week's Battle Star is:

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to do Stage 1: Search for chests in Haunted Hills  

This is another staged search we've seen in previous weeks that makes it so you won't be competing with everyone at a single named location (though it might be rough on day one). You'll obviously want to start by landing in Haunted Hills, then check the list to see where the next stage is. It might take a few matches, but this one is pretty self explanatory.

How to visit different stone heads  

The stone heads are in several different locations spread out around the map so it might take a couple of matches to complete this challenge. The best way is probably to play 50 vs. 50 and try to plan to string together a few of them in a single run. This is where all the stone heads are on the Fortnite map:

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to get assault rifle eliminations

This is another straightforward quest that will be especially easy if you love assault rifles. Obviously, you'll need to find one of the many different varieties of assault rifle in the game, then get to work. There are a couple different ways to attack this one. You might head for Tilted Towers where you know there will be a lot of action, but you'll likely complete this challenge naturally over the week as you play the game.

How to eliminate opponents in Tomato Temple

This is one of those challenges you'll want to do right away because that's when you'll find the most people going to Tomato Temple. Simply drop in, gear up and start shooting. You'll want to hop into solo mode for this one to get the highest concentration of enemies.

Originally published Sept. 6.
Update, Sept. 7: Updated to reflect the official challenges released at 6 a.m. PT Friday.

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