Fortnite Season 5, week 5 challenges and the quickest way to solve them

This week's Fortnite challenges have a few actual challenges, but most are ones we've seen before.

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Epic Games

Epic Games released Fortnite's season 5, week 5 challenges Thursday, and that means it's time once again to start grinding out missions to level up your Battle Pass. Like last week, there are three challenges in the latest Fortnite update you can complete for free, and four more for players who have already purchased the Battle Pass. If you're still working on week 4 challenges, here's how to catch up quickly.

Here are the challenges for this week:

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How to get chests in Junk Junction

To complete this one, you'll want to drop into Junk Junction as many times as it takes to grab all the chests. Just be warned that all the other players will be doing the same to complete this week's challenge. One thing to note about this area is some chests are hidden among the stacks of smashed cars. Others will be on top of stacks, where it will be harder to hear the "chest music."

How to use Rift Portals

Rifts were added to the game at the beginning of season 5, shooting you up into the air to give you a great way to escape a battle or rush toward the eye of the storm. Though they may not spawn at these locations every game, I've marked all the locations where they can spawn on the Fortnite map:


There's no guarantee they'll be here every time you drop in, but it's better than nothing.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Your best bet to get them done quickly is to play 50 vs. 50 and try to work from top to bottom of the desert area in the southeast part of the map (where the highest concentration of rifts are). It might take more than one game, but if you plan it out, you'll get through them in no time.

How to eliminate opponents in a single match

A lot of players probably take out three opponents in a match regularly (especially if you're a Tilted Towers fanatic), but if you don't usually do a lot of shooting, it's time to get aggressive. To complete this one quickly, drop in on Tilted Towers, grab loot and start blasting. With a little practice, it should only take a couple games before you complete the challenge.

How to deal damage to players with grenade weapons

This one is going to be a challenge for everyone because it's hard to get grenade kills no matter whether you're using Clinger, Stink Bomb or regular grenades. My suggestion is to play 50 vs. 50, gear up as usual, then as the circle closes, try to use only grenades once you enter the fray toward the end of the game. Clingers and grenades might seem like the best way to go here, but if you're lucky enough to get Stink Bombs, try to blanket an area where there are a lot of opponents (ideally in a structure where it's hard to escape).


As if Lazy Links wasn't already popular enough, now everyone is going to try to get their golf challenge done at the same time.

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How to hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes

You're going to need to have unlocked the golf ball "toy" in order to complete this challenge. This one is going to take a lot of time, so once you're ready, 50 vs. 50 is probably the best way to go because you'll be safer and you'll have more time to complete the challenge.

Here's why it's time-consuming: When you get to a tee, you'll need to select the golf emote/toy from your emote menu, which will initiate a first shot. But from there, the only way to advance the ball is to kick it forward, which isn't exactly a precise science. After several shots/kicks, you should make it to the green and get credit. Unfortunately, with how much time it takes, you'll need to drop in to games at Lazy Links several times before completing the challenge.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

How to follow the treasure map at Snobby Shores

Like many of the search quests, usually you would go to Snobby Shores and search around for the map, but I've already done the work so you don't have to.

If you don't recognize the location already, that is Haunted Hills. You can see the church at top-center of the cemetery, which is a dead giveaway (get it? OK, I'm sorry). Now you can just start a new game, drop into Haunted Hills and head for the building that is just north of the church.

How to eliminate opponents at Shifty Shafts

Finally, eliminating players at Shifty Shafts would be much harder usually because most people go to nearby Tilted Towers. But with the challenge this week, there should be a lot of people there chasing the same challenge as you. Simply drop in as many times as it takes to complete the challenge and you're done.

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