Fortnite Season 5 kicks off with golf karts, mysterious portals

Drop onto an island full of fresh challenges and features.

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Are you ready to ride in Fornite Season 5?

Epic Games

Fortnite's highly anticipated Season 5 began Thursday and it allows you to take your friends for a ride in new All Terrain Karts.

Beyond the addition of the game's first real vehicle, the update -- known as Worlds Collide -- adds Rift portals that have appeared around the island. Plus there's a new horde mode and you can battle it out with an old-timey set of flintlock weapons.

Developer Epic revealed the full extent of the changes Season 5 brings in a blog post on Thursday.

Additionally, motion controls have been added to the wildly popular Nintendo Switch version -- addressing one of our few complaints about the Switch release.

There's no word on the return of Playground mode, however, which went offline as the fifth season kicked off. And if you're eager to get some new gear, you can enter to win 7,500 V-Bucks to start off Season 5 here.

A tour through the Fortnite booth at E3

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For more on the update and the events leading up to it, check out our FAQ for Fortnite Season 5.

If you feel like you've missed out on the Fortnite craze, you're not alone: CNET's Mark Serrels recently admitted that it made him feel like he's 120 years old.