Fortnite is back up

Some people's self-isolation gaming was briefly interrupted Tuesday.

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Fortnite Hide and Seek Loading Screen

Fortnite was having some issues.

Epic Games

Fortnite was down for part of Tuesday afternoon, according to developer Epic Games. The company tweeted about players experiencing issues and later provided an update that all problems have been fixed

"The issues with logins, matchmaking, the Item Shop, and other Fortnite services have been resolved," Epic tweeted Tuesday. The Fortnite status page shows that all the services are listed as "operational."

Outage monitor DownDetector showed reports of the game going down at approximately 2:35 p.m. ET. 

Players took to Twitter to talk about the issues. Some tweeted pictures showing that their friends list had been wiped out. 

Epic responded, saying the friend list will be fixed once the issues are addressed. 

Others mentioned how this outage happened during the coronavirus outbreak.