The Fortnite cube finally does something, turns Loot Lake into bouncy lake

The giant purple cube has reached its final destination.

Jason Parker Senior Editor / Reviews - Software
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Jason Parker

Fortnite's mysterious cube has been on the move for several weeks, but as season 5 draws to a close, it's finally reached its oft-rumored destination: Loot Lake. We were there to witness it firsthand as the cube took its final turn from the docks and into the water. 

Once the cube landed in the lake, the surrounding water started to bubble. Then, as the cube sunk lower and lower into the lake, the purple color spread out to the edges. Unsure of what would happen, we walked into the now purple water only to find the entire surface of the lake was now as bouncy as the late, great cube.

So far, it looks like the cube's descent into the lake hasn't impacted any other regions of the map.

What does it mean? It's impossible to say what Epic Games has planned, but we do know that Season 5 ends on Sept. 25, and we may be set for another series of big changes to Fortnite's map as Season 6 kicks off without the traveling cube. 

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