Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 challenges and where to land on Apres Ski

Don't forget to find the secret Deadpool challenges.

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Drop in and work on the first week of challenges for the season. 

Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 started Thursday and gave the game a spy motif. As in previous seasons, players can purchase a Battle Pass to unlock skins, emotes and other cosmetics for 950 V-Bucks, or approximately $9.50. Unlocking the content requires players to earn experience points while playing with the weekly challenges giving the largest number of points. The most notable unlockables are the fully customizable Maya, the powerful Meowscles and the gold-armed Midas for those who reached tier 100. Season 2 also saw the inclusion of the fourth-wall-breaking Marvel hero, Deadpool. His outfit can be unlocked by completing the special Deadpool weekly challenges.

Brutus' Briefing  

Fortnite Brutus Briefing

Epic decided to change up how the weekly challenges look.  

Epic Games

Land at Lockie's Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay (0/3)

This is a simple challenge since all that's needed is to land at three locations at the start of a match. Check the map below on where to find the three locations to drop in.

Fortnite Lockie's Challenge

The location of Lockie's Lighthouse, Apres Ski and Mount Kay

Epic Games

Search chests at the Grotto or the Shark (0/7)

The Grotto and the Shark are two new points of interest added in season 2. The Shark is located on an island to the northwest of the island and the Grotto is on the east side. See the map above or the in-game map to find the spots. 

Deal damage to henchmen (0/2,000)

Henchmen are NPCs found at the new points of interest. They carry keycards and info on where to find secret vaults that contain plenty of loot. 

Open doors locked by an ID scanner in different matches (0/3)

Part of the secret agent makeover this season is an ID scanner for certain doors. To open these doors, players will have to down a henchman. Stand next to them as they crawl on the ground and select the carry option. Bring them to an ID scanner, let it finish the scan and the door will open. 

Disguise yourself inside a phone booth in different matches (0/3)

Phone booths are scattered across the island and let players change their outfit into either a ghost or shadow agency outfit. 

Throw different shield items or healing items (0/3)

A new game mechanic in season 2 is the throwing of consumables. Equip them and throw them like grenades to help out a teammate who's a distance away. 

Here are the rest of the challenges: 

  • Be crouched within 20 meters of unaware henchmen for a total of 10 seconds (0/10)
  • Eliminate players while having a total of 100 health and shields or more (0/5)
  • Search ammo boxes in a single match (0/7)
  • Damage players using two different weapons within 10 seconds (0/1)

Deadpool challenges

Fortnite Deadpool

Wade Wilson has been busy. 

Epic Games

As mentioned earlier, Deadpool is the big surprise in season 2. There's a set of weekly challenges that should unlock the Deadpool outfit once completed. The first task is to actually find the challenge. 

From the game lobby, click on the vent off to the right. 


That vent looks mighty suspicious. 

Epic Games

This will take players to Deadpool's secret room. 

Fortnite Deadpool

What a mess.

Epic Games

Players can read his meta letter to Epic saying how he could design a better Battle Bus. 

Fortnite Deadpool

He's a real artist.

Epic Games

All that's left is to click on the computer and see the challenges. This will complete the first challenge for the week. The second has players jumping off the Battle Bus without thanking the bus driver. This is easy to do. Just don't press the designated button to thank the bus driver at the start of the match. Those two challenges will complete the week 1 Deadpool challenges and it's the waiting game for week 2. 

Fortnite is available for PCPS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.