Fortnite Brute is finally cut down to size

Epic decides to change its mind on the mech.

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Fortnite Brute

After complaints about its power, the Brute has been modified. 

Epic Games

The Brute in Fortnite received a major downgrade by developer Epic Games. This comes after weeks of players complaining the mech was far too powerful for the game. 

Epic rebalanced the Brute on Thursday. The changes to the robot/vehicle are significant, with the biggest being a reduction in the rate of fire, damage radius and damage output of its rocket launcher. The Brute will also traverse the map more slowly, and players in the mech will no longer be able to receive materials whenever stomping or dashing through the environment. Epic also changed the spawn rates for the robot so now there's a chance the Brute won't spawn at all during a match. 

The Brute made its debut in Fortnite season 10, and it didn't take long for players to complain about it. Their criticisms focused on the sheer power of the rocket launcher, which could easily destroy players who were hiding out in their own fort. A little more than a week after it added the Brute to the game, Epic said it had listened to the players and would make changes to the robot. Those adjustments, however, ended up being a targeting laser and an audio cue for the launcher. 

Epic then said, last week, that the Brute was meant for lesser-skilled Fortnite players and gave them a "shot at that first elimination or Victory Royale." 

According to Epic, the new changes to the Brute are currently live in the game.