Final Fantasy 7 Remake: New footage featuring Tifa and Sepiroth revealed at Square Enix E3 conference

Apparently the game will feature two Blu-ray discs of content.

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Mark Serrels

Today as part of the E3 conference schedule, Square Enix revealed new gameplay footage for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

A few notable points: the game will require two Blu-ray discs, which hints at the ridiculous amount of content featured in the game. 

Gameplay footage showed off its new combat system, which is a compelling mix of the turn-based combat native to the series, and a more immediate real-time action style. Players can tailor the action to their specific tastes: if you prefer more immediate button mashing you can set the game up like that. If you're a fan of more traditional turn-based combat, you can shape the game to suit those needs.


It all looks very modern and well integrated. Considering the original Final Fantasy is over two decades old, this sort of update makes a considerable amount of sense.

After the combat demo, the team revealed an extended trailer that was just 100% pure weaponised nostalgia.

Final Fantasy VII remake is set for release March 3, 2020.

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