Final Fantasy soundtracks finally hit Apple Music and Spotify

Hey Siri, play One Winged Angel.

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It's time to get orchestral.


Final Fantasy has been criticized for a lot over the years -- the melodramatic characters, complicated storylines, costumes with too many belts -- but one thing you never hear people ragging on is the music in the franchise.

That's because the soundtracks are all awesome.

And as of now you can stream the soundtracks from almost every Final Fantasy game on both Spotify and Apple Music . Note: You'll have to type in "Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack," as just typing in "Final Fantasy," at least on Spotify, will direct you to fan-made playlists.

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The soundtrack to every main Final Fantasy game is there, though some spin-offs, like X-2, are absent. Many of the tracks are listed in Japanese characters, meaning it might take some trial and error before you find your favorite tunes.

Final Fantasy soundtracks have often come with a separate piano collection, but these collections have not yet appeared on the streaming services. Hopefully they, as well as music from Kingdom Hearts, will arrive soon.

If you're longing for a more substantial Final Fantasy fix, look forward to E3. That where we're likely to see more of the mythical Final Fantasy VII Remake.