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Final Fantasy XV director addresses complaints, including 'too sexy' character and resolution

"Frame rate is more important than resolution," says Square Enix's Hajime Tabata.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji have not only revealed that the RPG would skip E3, but they also responded to fan complaints about the game's demo. Square Enix asked for feedback about it through a survey back in March, and now Tabata and Ofuji have addressed the top 15 complaints, one by one.


Eurogamer compiled the developers' responses in the video interview (embedded below), which cover all manner of topics, including lock-on mechanics, camera positioning, frame rate and resolution, and more.

Addressing the complaint that the camera is too close to the character, Tabata said, "We may consider allowing the player to choose from different camera distances." On the subject of the camera feeling "heavy or sluggish," Tabata had a clear answer: "We'll make sure the camera is smoother. Simple as that."

Responding to complaints about Final Fantasy XV's reported frame-rate drop issues, Tabata said this is a "serious matter" that Square Enix considers to be a "high priority issue." The issue right now is related to the game's visual effects and UI, but Tabata said he's hopeful it can be improved before launch.

"We are working towards full HD," he said. "But frame rate is more important than resolution."

Also during the presentation, Tabata and Ofuji responded to a complaint that the game's Cindy character (above) was "too sexy."

"She's actually not meant to be an erotic character," Tabata explained. "Her character is very energetic and outgoing, a very active character. With those traits paired with her appearance, we feel it wouldn't be too problematic even if, say, she shows up on screen while your parents are in the living room."

Ofuji added that the concerns might stem from the "amount of skin" she shows being too much for someone whose line of work is fixing cars. "Oh, I see," Tabata replied. "But she is a very cheerful and active character, I don't think we want to change the current concept."

Head to Eurogamer for tons more, including Tabata's response to fans calling for a female party member, concerns about the game's dash system, and issues with battles being too difficult or too easy. You can also watch the lengthy video broadcast below.

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