Fan-made Pokemon Uranium launches after 9 years of work

The unofficial game features 150 new, fan-designed Pokemon and comes on the heels of the meteoric rise of the Pokemon Go app.

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Daniel Van Boom

Many fan-made Pokemon projects exist, but few have been slaved over for nearly a decade.

Pokemon Uranium, which took developers JV and Involuntary Twitch nine years to make, was released this week.

The free PC game is set in a new region, Tandor, and its developers designed and animated more than 150 new, unofficial Pokemon. These include a new type called Nuclear not found in the official Pokemon games.

Pokemon Uranium appears to be developed on Gameboy Advance software, resembling the graphics in 2004's Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green games.

The release follows the unprecedented rise of the Pokemon Go mobile app over the past month, a phenomenon that put the series back on the map. For those looking for their next official Poke fix, Pokemon Sun and Moon arrives on the Nintendo 3DS this November.