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Fallout news coming Wednesday

Publisher Bethesda teases announcements with countdown clock on website.

Bethesda will make some kind of Fallout-related announcement tomorrow, the publisher announced today through a teaser website. A clock on the page is counting down to 7 a.m. PDT / 10 a.m. EDT on June 3.

A line from the website's source contains a reference to Fallout 3's Masterbrain:

"PA system failure has occurred. Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes," reads the line. "Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day."

The website has now gone live, redirecting to the teaser page.

Fallout 4, which is reportedly set in and around Boston, has been rumored for years. The word "Institute," supposedly the game's code name, is also referenced in the teaser page's source code.

Bethesda will hold its first-ever E3 briefing later this month in Los Angeles. The show is set for the evening of Sunday, June 14. GameSpot will bring you all the news from the event as it's announced.