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Fallout 4 invades Rock Band 4 with free Wasteland Outfits in December

Watch a trailer for the free Vault 111 outfits coming next month.

Fallout 4 outfits are coming to Rock Band 4. Developer Harmonix today announced a partnership with Bethesda to bring yellow-and-blue Vault 111 costumes to the music game. No, really. Watch a video below.

The Fallout 4 outfits will be available for free starting December 8 from Rock Band 4's in-game store.

There's a funny disclaimer, too. "Rock out in post-nuclear style! Note: suit provides no protection against radiation, and any liability cannot be held against Vault-Tec Industries or its subsidiaries," reads a line from the item's description.

This isn't the first time Fallout 4 has showed up in a place you might not have expected. Earlier this month, Microsoft and Bethesda teamed up to bring Fallout 4 cars into Forza Motorsport 6, also as free DLC.

Fallout 4 is a huge hit.

It achieved strong review scores at launch earlier this month and reached 12 million copies shipped in one day. The game also broke Steam records for concurrent players. Fallout 4's first patch arrived this week, while its first DLC is slated for 2016.