Fall Guys server errors: How to check if the game is down for maintenance

The easiest way to check if servers are down: Follow the owl.

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Beans, beans, good for your heart!


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the gaming juggernaut we didn't know we needed in 2020. With over 2 million copies sold on Steam since its release on Aug. 4, and its Twitch views eclipsing mainstays like Fortnite and League of Legends, the massively-multiplayer-online-mini-game-battle-royale-game-show-obstacle-course (MMOMGBRGSOC, as I'm dubbing it) is unstoppable.

Until the servers go down for maintenance. In which case, everything stops.

Unfortunately, the Fall Guys main menu doesn't give you any indication of whether the servers are online. Sure, it's easy to just boot up the game and check -- but who wants that kind of disappointment in the Year of Disappointment? Not me. 

Are the Fall Guys servers down?

The best way to check the server status is to follow the notices posted by the Fall Guys Server Owl. I'm not sure why Fall Guys has a Server Owl -- is it a sentient owl? Is it a Fall Guy in an owl suit? It appears to be. Maybe Fall Guys has taken a cue from the Legend of Zelda series or the countless other video games and properties that use owls to denote wise scholar, but I digress.

The best thing to do is check the server status at the @FallGuysOwl Twitter account

Look, I know Twitter isn't everybody's cup of tea (Mediatonic might want to do a Fall Guys Owl TikTok account?), but you don't have to sign up! Just flick over to the tweets and take a look for yourself. The team at Mediatonic may not have been prepared for the runaway success during launch, but it's been performing ongoing maintenance in the last few days, so if you can't get on, chances are that's why!

Oh and also: Slime Climb rules.