Epic Games Store launches with Hades, Hello Neighbor, Ashen and free games

The studio behind Fortnite is taking on Steam, and these are the games launching its new sales platform.

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer

For the better part of the last 15 years, Valve's Steam has been the go-to storefront for PC gaming -- but that might be about to change. A few days ago, Epic Games said they were going to launch their own game distribution platform up to other developers. Now, at the 2018 game awards, they're officially opening the digital shop's doors. The Epic Games Store opens today... even if there's not that much to buy on it.

So far, there's only a handful of games listed for sale on the new platform -- almost all of them announced at the Game Awards.  Specifically, early adopters of the platform will be able to pick up new games like Ashen, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and Hades, which is available through early access.

Not into those games? Sit tight. Epic Games promises a ton of other games are coming soon, including Outerworlds, Super MeatBoy: Forever, World War Z, Rebel. Galaxy Outlaw, Journey and more. 

And if you're not quite ready to drop money on a new gaming platform, Epic Games has you covered. On the top of the Epic Games Website, we found this little blurb:


According to the website, Epic Games will be giving users a new game about twice a month, starting with Subnautica (available on 12/14) and Super MeatBoy (available on 12/28).