Eight iPhone game styles that would rock with a controller

A wave of game controller hardware is headed to iPhones and iPods later this year. CNET breaks down some key games that would work better with them.

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Editors' note: This is an abridged version of "49 iPhone games that would rock with a controller." You can read that entire list right here.

The iPhone game controllers are coming.

Where before there was a trickle of game controllers, which didn't have Apple's blessing, that's all changing with iOS 7 later this year -- and the situation is encouraging developers to support game controller hardware.

That's been done before, of course, but not with Apple backing those efforts. Companies like Ion Audio and its iCade have brought hardware add-ons, though they required developers to tweak their games to make the add-ons work. This new option from Apple also requires that, but it aims for a standardized set of controls that developers can plug into their software, and that come baked into Apple's iOS and OS X software development kits.

We've rounded up a list of the eight best types of games for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) that we think would play better with physical controls. Some already have support for the iCade and other such solutions. Many are top sellers, and are plenty of fun to play with touch controls.

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Eight types of iPhone games that would rock with a controller

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