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E3 predictions scorecard: How'd we do?

Just before E3 began, CNET editors weighed in with their predictions. Now that the show's over, let's see how they fared.

Breaking E3 tradition, there's no date for next year attached to this goodbye banner.
Dan Ackerman/Libe Goad

That's a wrap, folks--the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is in the books.

The show produced a decent amount of hardware- and accessory-centric news--though you could be forgiven for thinking it was a rehash of the previous year's show, when nearly everything was first shown off (albeit under different code names).

Just before the show started, CNET editors Dan Ackerman, Jeff Bakalar, and Scott Stein took a stab at predicting the key announcements. How'd they do? Let's take a look:

"Sure bet, take it to the bank!" This category was aptly named--the boys nearly had a sweep here.

  • Microsoft's Project Natal named/priced/bundled: We got the new name (Kinect), the release date (Novmeber 4), and plenty of demos and details. But still no confirmation on the price (though it's looking more and more like $149). Score this one a half point.
  • PlayStation Move price, date, launch titles announced: Sony delivered full pricing, bundling, and launch date details, along with a full slate of launch titles. Full point.
  • Rock Band 3 focuses on its new "keyboard" instrument: Behold the keytar. Full point.
  • Additional premium video partners for Xbox Live/PSN: Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get full access to ESPN3's online content--if they're using a supported ISP. However, Sony's PlayStation Plus paid subscription service lacked the same sort of "killer app" video content--so I'm scoring this as a half point.
  • PS3 3D firmware confirmed/dated, with Killzone 3D demo: A pre-E3 firmware update and some newly 3D-ified games meant that the PS3 was firmly in the third dimension by the time E3 started. Sony sealed the deal with an impressive 3D Killzone 3 demo. Full point.
  • New "3D" version of the Nintendo DS: Nintendo's glasses-free 3DS was, indeed, one of the show's big highlights. Full point.

Score: 5/6

More likely than not: Well--maybe, maybe not. While this was the list of predictions with a better than 50 percent chance of likelihood, the gang was actually batting closer to 0.375.

  • "Slim" version of the Xbox 360: Not only did the long anticipated Xbox 360 Slim get a coming-out party, it'll be available in stores before the end of the month. Full point.
  • Nintendo details the not-seen-since-last-year Vitality Sensor along with a "de-stressing" game: Ouch--the Vitality Sensor was a no-show. No points.
  • Gyroscope-enabled iPhone 4 games announced: We're sure these are coming--but news of iPhone and iPad gaming was completely MIA at E3 this year (even as Sony, Nintendo, and even Microsoft (with a tease of Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live compatibility--see below) unveiled their defensive responses to the iPhone's increasing dominance of the mainstream casual gaming market). Zilch.
  • Xbox Live/Windows Phone 7 integration: Windows Phone 7 is still a ways off, but Microsoft did call out its Xbox Live integration. Full point.
  • Annual subscription for premium PlayStation Network access: The rumors were true: Sony unveiled a paid tier to its online service called PlayStation Plus. We're just not convinced it's worth $50 a year. Full point.
  • Next Half-Life episode gets a simultaneous Mac OS X release: Half-Life news was a no-show at E3. Zero points--but almost negated by the surprising announcement that the latest game in Half-Life's sister franchise, Portal 2, is coming to the PS3.
  • New Nintendo Wiimotes build in MotionPlus hardware: Maybe someday, but it wasn't mentioned at E3. No points.
  • Hulu comes to Xbox Live: We wouldn't be surprised to see a paid subscription to Hulu eventually make it to Xbox (or iPad, for that matter). But it remains in the rumor column for now. No points.

Score: 3/8

Wishful thinking: This one is strictly bonus round territory. But the guys did pretty well, considering these were mostly long shots.

  • Multiplatform iPhone/Android games announced: Again, there was little to no discussion of cell phone gaming at the show--even though it's arguably the real growth area for gaming these days. Zero points.
  • Nintendo Miis make their way to the DS platform: Scott Stein insists that this single screenshot from PilotWings Resort supports the "Miis come to DS" theory, but the rest of us are skeptical. No points.
  • Nintendo revamps online plan, ditches Friend Codes: We'll keep hoping against hope on this one. Zero points.
  • Fictional Sony VP Kevin Butler emcees the PlayStation press conference: He didn't emcee the entire event, but his extended cameo appearance during Sony's press conference was arguably the highlight of the show. If only his monologue had been the closing act--rather than the halfway point--of Sony's presser. Full point.
  • Nintendo 3DS works as a 3D camera or augmented reality device: Check--the 3DS has a built-in 3D camera. Full point.
  • Nintendo's DSiWare adds huge downloadable GameBoy library: Nope. Nintendo continues to leave millions of dollars on the table, ceding this market to the pirates instead. Oh well. (No points.)
  • Microsoft announces a 3D workaround (perhaps using Natal): Microsoft made no mention of 3D, but EA is implying that the Xbox will be able to do 3D at some point. That's enough for a full point in our book.
  • Xbox Facebook app upgraded to play games like FarmVille: FarmVille is coming to iPhone, and most likely iPad. But you still can't play it on a game console. No points.

Score: 3/8

Check out CNET's E3 section to check out any news you may have missed from the show. We'll have additional content in the days ahead, as we check out the new Xbox 360, and continue to reflect on the big announcements of the show.