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E3: Expect an extravaganza of excitement

It's what millions of fanboys have greasily been waiting all year for -- the gaming industry's annual beano is on this week, and we're gagging for all things 360, Wii and PS3 as much as the next nerd

The Electronic Entertainment Expo -- that's E3 to you, mister -- is upon us this week, and the annual gaming extravaganza promises to be one of the most explosive yet. The Los Angeles show is traditionally where the usually sociopathic devotees of particular gaming brands -- fanboys -- come together to smell bad, compare acne and declare that "Nintendo totally pwns Sony", "Microsoft is Sony's bee-atch", or "Gizmondo is hella l33t". Okay, maybe not that last one.

This year is going to produce a vast, sweaty mountain of such grammatically suspect trash talk because it's the first year of a new generation of games consoles. E3 is where Sony and Nintendo are putting their new consoles on show for the first time. The PlayStation 3 and oddly named Wii will both be out in time for Christmas (fingers crossed), and this is the first chance any civilian has had to actually play them.

Expect a huge amount of game news, too. Halo 3 is the big dog this year, and a crucial title if Microsoft wants to keep the momentum going on its Xbox 360 console, which will have had a year's head-start on the other two, but has largely wasted it with disappointing games. God of War II is also generating plenty of pre-show buzz, along with New Super Mario Bros. and Metal Gear Solid 4, among hundreds of others.

We'll have a round-up of all the biggest news here in Crave later in the week, but check our News section for all the daily gossip, and of course our new sister site GameSpot UK has a massive amount of material to wallow in. -NH