Doom anniversary trailer celebrates 25 years of gore, crazy mods

Rip and tear, even with a toaster.

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Doom turned 25 on Monday.


Bethesda on Monday released a Doom 25th anniversary trailer that showcases how far the iconic game series has come.

It kicks off with the original PC version's four floppy discs and blasts through the series' two-and-a-half decades of guns and gore before showcasing the upcoming Doom Eternal -- the followup to 2016's reboot.

The legendary first-person shooter was first released at midnight on Dec. 10, 1993, when id Software developers uploaded the first of the game's three episodes to the internet via the network at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

However, 10,000 people tried to download it at once and crashed the university's network.

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Since then, it's been ported to just about every game system and console, and inspired a dedicated fanbase that's created a parody video of it being played with a series of toasters and actually playing on Android Wear, as well as several sequels.

In September, a Doom 2 fan discovered the game's final secret nearly 24 years after its release.

Monday's trailer also invited players to sign up to Slayer's Club, an online community, to get a Zombie Doom Slayer skin for Doom Eternal, which was announced back in June and comes out in 2019.

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