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Don't expect Valve announcements at E3

But the company's virtual-reality headset could be on display at some booths.

Half-Life and Steam developer Valve is "not exhibiting" at E3 next week, the company has confirmed.


A Valve representative told GamesBeat that the company is not taking meetings at E3 for any of its upcoming products, which would include the ViveVR headset it's working on with HTC.

The virtual-reality headset may appear at the show, however, as ViveVR development kits were recently sent to some developers.

What's more, GamesBeat points out that Valve is -- so far at least -- not listed as a participant in the inaugural PC Gaming Show at E3, which will be held the evening of June 16.

So don't expect a Half-Life 3 announcement. But you probably already knew that.

Historically, Valve has never had much of a presence at E3. In 2010, Gabe Newell appeared during Sony's briefing to talk about Portal 2, but the company hasn't done much, at least publicly, since.

Though it may not have any announcements to make at E3 itself, Valve may still have some news around E3. The company's annual Summer Sale is rumored to begin June 11 and run through June 20.

E3 2015 will take place June 16-18. For more on the show and our plans for it, check out the video below.