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Disney cancels Star Wars: Attack Squadrons game

No need to suit up for your X-wing. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is no longer in development. Star Wars fans and gamers alike are left wondering why.

Space battles like this are on hold now that "Star Wars: Attack Squadrons" is no more. Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive has halted development and testing on its new PC-only, combat sim game, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

"We want to thank all of the fans who participated in the closed beta of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons," Disney Interactive posted this week on its Facebook page and official site. "After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences. We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta."

The game, which was created with Area 52 Games and Disney Interactive Worlds, was first announced with a teaser trailer on December 17, 2013. It would have featured ships that users could modify, and 16-player matches in three modes. The game was also planning to use the Unity Game Engine, according to the Star Wars Wiki -- Wookieepedia.

Many Star Wars fans and gamers waiting to test the game were confused and upset at the news and posted comments on the game's official Facebook page.

"This news is bitterly disappointing," Facebook user Nic Versluis commented on the post. "I cannot tell you how excited I was for another X-wing/TIE fighter style game, even an enhanced iOS trench run game would have been great. I truly hope with all my being that this style of Star Wars space flight sim can be resurrected in the very, very, very near future!"

If you want R2-D2 to be your co-pilot, you'll have to wait for a different game. Disney Interactive

"All this game needed was a little more content and bit more polish," Facebook user Tim Bailey commented on the post. "It had a ton of potential. Very sad."

Another user hopes that Disney won't forget that fans are eager to hand over their money for a new Star Wars game worth playing.

"Hey Disney, in case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of us waiting years, if not decades, to play new X-Wing, TIE fighter, and Knights of the Old Republic games," Facebook user Bradley Rubin commented on the post. "That means money, lots of it, for you guys if you just satisfy the demand. Most publishers would kill for that kind of guaranteed revenue. Give a few developers the money they need to make these games well, and you'll make truckloads of money and build goodwill for your upcoming movies as well. Win- win!"

While many of the commenters praised the game, quite a few weren't shocked that Disney pulled the plug.

"Not entirely surprised, Unity isn't the best venue for this and they had a LOT to live up to," Facebook user Christopher Smith commented on the post. "X-Wing Alliance is, quite simply, one of the best flight games (let alone space flight) in history. Lets hope these folks get new jobs either working on Battlefront 3 or, fingers crossed, a proper new Star Wars flight sim. Thanks for your effort, guys, and good luck in the future!"

At least Disney Interactive's other game, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, didn't suffer the same fate, right?