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Discord launches app store with major games, indies and exclusives

Beta is rolling out to around 50,000 users.


In-gaming chat service Discord is expanding its offerings. On Thursday, the company launched the Discord Store Beta, which offers games from big publishers like THQ and Deep Silver, as well as indie developers like Raw Fury. 


Discord Nitro is getting an upgrade.


The beta is being rolled out to around 50,000 users in Canada, and is currently available only on Windows. Players have access to an upgraded version of Discord Nitro with a curated selection of games, in addition to all the current Nitro features such as animated avatar, higher quality screen share and larger file upload limit. Players will also find a new tab for the Discord Store on the platform's home screen, where they can buy individual games. 

The store will feature First on Discord titles, which are indie games that are exclusive to Discord for a limited time (usually 90 days). After that, developers can choose to sell their games wherever they want. First on Discord games won't be available on this beta.  

Discord is also debuting something called Universal Library. If you opt in, Discord will scan your computer for games and let you launch any game through the service. Even if the game requires another launcher, Discord will boot it.   

"This Nitro boost, store experience and library will make it easier to find, share, and jump into games with friends, all in the same place you already hang out," the company said in a release. "This is all in beta, so things may change by the time we're ready to launch. What you see today will likely not be what you see in the future."

Discord said voice, text and video chat will still be its main focus. More than 150 million people have used the service, which celebrated its third year in May.