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Destiny's new expansion just launched and Twitter is furious

The queue to get into the game's servers stands at well over 200,000, making for some unhappy online campers.


Houston, we have a problem.

Destiny expansion Rise of Iron has just launched, but things aren't going too smoothly. Destiny fans have been really excited to get their hands on the latest expansion to Bungie's wildly popular (and polarising) console first-person shooter.

Or rather, the community was excited. But at the time of writing, the queue to get into the game's server is around 220,000 would-be players long.

Launch day wait times aren't rare with big server-based games, but Twitter still isn't taking the news well. #RiseofIron is trending worldwide, and the tweeters aren't happy.

Part of the problem is, people are getting kicked out of the queue and then re-entering several thousand places behind where they were. Tens of thousands of places, even.

As a result, people are throwing serious shade at Bungie.

Rise of Iron is the fourth Destiny expansion, following The Dark Below, House of Wolves and last year's well-received The Taken King. Despite critical reception to the original game being mixed, it's been a cash cow for Bungie and publisher Activision-Blizzard. It made $500 million on its first day of availability, and in late 2015 reportedly had 25 million active users.