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Destiny connectivity issues caused by new Xbox One update, here's a workaround

Getting disconnected when you open a full-screen app? Here's a temporary fix while Bungie investigates.

The New Xbox One Experience, which launched on November 12, appears to be negatively impacting Destiny for some players. Developer Bungie says it's aware of an issue that causes players to become disconnected from the game when they open a full-screen application while Destiny is running.

The following full-screen applications are among those that players have reported as being problematic.

  • Friends
  • Party
  • Netflix
  • Twitch

Bungie said it is "actively investigating the issue." But for now, the studio recommends players use the Xbox One's Snap functionality (which displays information on the side of the screen instead of a full-screen takeover) to multitask while playing Destiny. Bungie also directed players to the Xbox support website to learn more, while future updates on this issue will be shared to @BungieHelp.

In other Destiny news, Bungie has announced the game's November update is coming soon, while a new update to the game's companion app gives gear manager access to everyone.

By Activision's latest count, Destiny had 25 million registered players, which is up 5 million in three months. On average, Destiny players spend about 3 hours per day in the game, according to Activision.

As for the New Xbox One Experience, Microsoft contends it might be the single most significant update made to any Xbox or PlayStation console in history. It totally overhauls the console's UI and introduces, among other things, support for some Xbox 360 titles by way of backwards compatibility.