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Destiny 2 is free for PS Plus members -- just in time for Forsaken expansion

The best price is free.

Destiny 2 has been off to a rocky start, but we think the upcoming Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion might turn it around. You know what else might not hurt? The fact that Sony is now handing out free copies of Destiny 2 to every PlayStation Plus subscriber -- at least through the month of September.

Whether you've never picked up the game to begin with, or are just thinking of starting now that the expansion's coming out -- Forsaken arrives Sept. 4, here's GameSpot's preorder guide -- you've effectively already paid for a copy of Destiny 2 with your PS Plus subscription. Which you needed to play multiplayer anyhow, in case you didn't know.

(These days, you can generally find the disc for $10 brand-new, so it's not necessarily a reason to pay for PS Plus if you weren't otherwise planning to -- but PS Plus does offer free games every month. Here are the ones for August.)

If you do download the game, Sony says you can also try a free demo of one of Forsaken's new multiplayer modes on Saturday, Sept. 1.