Destiny 2 gives you the chance to save puppies

Commentary: In an amusing trailer for the Activision game that launches Sept. 6, you are confronted with everything wonderful that's currently under threat.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Buy a game, save this puppy.

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Look around at your life.

If North Korea decides to ruin things, what parts of your world would you try to save?

Baseball? Chocolate croissants? United Airlines?

I only ask because Activision is offering you this very scenario and suggesting that among the things most worth saving are lattes and binge-watching. And puppies.

An entertaining trailer for Destiny 2, which launches on Wednesday, confronts viewers with the idea that all of the things they love have been destroyed. Not merely skinny vanilla no-foam lattes, love songs and even the Grand Canyon. 

One by one they get blown up. And then, the final straw: puppies.

You see, this is what happens when Lord Ghaul and the Red Legion get frisky.

The Guardians are on the run. The whole world is under threat.

To bring the dire message home to all parts of the world, Activision has even made regional versions, in which different items matter to the locals.

In the UK version (video below), for example, the cup of tea, morning fry-ups (a delicacy, I assure you), mustard and comfy slippers are all blown to smithereens.

As for the game itself, my colleague Jason Parker was enchanted by it when he tried it.

But games become far more meaningful when you know what's truly at stake.

Please take extra care of your puppies over the next days and months.

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