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Datel Wi-Fi Max: PSP and DS go online

Datel's Wi-Fi Max is a wireless USB dongle that lets you go online with your PSP and DS, so you can download new content, play games online and transfer media without connecting to your PC

If you've got a Sony PSP and haven't taken it online yet, then you're not using the world's best handheld to its full potential. All credit to Sony, it's filled the Your PSP Web site with loads of cool video, music and new game content. However, as you can only connect online via a wireless network, you usually have to mess around with routers, WEP keys and all sorts of other computer-based nonsense. Datel's new Wi-Fi Max dongle may still require a PC and a smattering of know-how, but it's miles simpler than creating a full-on network as it simply shares your standard Internet connection. You can then go online and download a whole raft of new Wipeout Pure tracks.

Playing around with Datel's £29.99 package, we found it to be seriously good value for anyone who's yet to explore the multimedia potential of the console. It's the first device we've seen that will share all your computer's media over the Internet, so you can swap your music without ever having to go near the PC. It's quicker to use USB 2.0, but if someone is on the computer you can still load the PSP with videos before you go out.

There's also free video conversion software online (check out our guide), but Wi-Fi Max also has all the multimedia conversion tools you need. It'll re-encode your MPEG, AVI and MOV files (among others) into the PSP format directly, before transferring them to Memory Stick PRO Duo. You can also use the new AVC codec that was included in the PSP v2.0 firmware update for even better quality video on the move. We encoded a short clip from the DivX Web site at medium quality and it looked gorgeous on the PSP's LCD screen. You can also backup your game saves through the interface.

If you're a portable gaming addict, the Wi-Fi Max acts as a bridge for your Nintendo DS too, so you can go online and play Nintendo's new set of Wi-Fi-enabled releases. You can't do any of the cool multimedia features from the PSP software, but that's a limitation of the DS -- and online Mario Kart DS just about makes up for that. The Wi-Fi Max is available now. -GC