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Dark Souls 3 1.04 patch notes include Greatsword changes, bug fixes, more

See the full patch notes here; fix for PC crashing issues not included.

A new update for Dark Souls III is coming to all platforms later today, adjusting the performance of the Greatsword and making a number of fixes and other tuning tweaks, Bandai Namco has announced.

This patch adjusts the performance of the Greatsword, the Dancer's Enchanted Sword, and the Winged Knight Twinaxes, but no specific details were divulged. In terms of bug fixes, the update clears out a problem where the game blocked players from using multiple items at Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep after they beat the game.

From Software

Other bugs are fixed as well, though they were not specified.

In addition to the changes listed below, Bandai Namco said it is aware of the problem on Xbox One related to Regulations. A fix is in the works, though no other details were shared.

It's also not stated if this Dark Souls III patch will offer any relief for the PC players experiencing crashing issues. There are workarounds available, but a fix does not yet appear to have been pushed out.

Dark Souls 3 1.04 Patch Notes:

  • Performance adjustment for "Greatsword"
  • Battle performance adjustment for "Dancer's Enchanted Sword," "Winged Knight Twinaxes"
  • Performance adjustment for "Soul's Greatsword," and "Farron Flashsword"
  • Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at "Road of Sacrifices," "Farron Keep," "Cathedral of the Deep," after clearing the game.
  • General balance adjustments and bug fixes

Release Schedule:

  • PS4 -- April 18 at 7 p.m. PST / 10 p.m. EST
  • Xbox One -- April 18 between 5-8 p.m. PST / 8-11 p.m. EST
  • PC (listed as 1.03.1) -- April 18 at 2 a.m. PST / 5 a.m. EST

Dark Souls III was released in the west on April 12. The From Software-developed role-playing game got off to a strong start in the UK, where it climbed to the top of the charts and broke franchise records.

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