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Overwatch hero D.Va will be temporarily removed

Blizzard's customer support said the character was being deactivated while the company investigates a bug in the massively popular game.


Blizzard has introduced three new playable characters to Overwatch since it launched, but now it's taking one away -- temporarily.

The company said today in a tweet from its customer support page that tank character D.Va is being deactivated while it investigates a bug in the game.

It's bad timing, coming just over two weeks after Blizzard launched the game's Uprising expansion. Uprising introduced new character skins, items and a new game mode, which will be playable until May 1.

The current player count for Overwatch isn't known, but in January Blizzard announced the game had a massive 25 million registered players.

Blizzard was contacted for comment but did not immediately respond.

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