Cyberpunk 2077's next major patch delayed by ransomware attack

CD Projekt Red is now "aiming for release in the second half of March."

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Gamers are eagerly awaiting the next major Cyberpunk 2077 patch.

CD Projekt Red; screenshot by CNET

Gamers holding out for the next patch addressing Cyberpunk 2077's performance issues and bugs are going to have to wait a little longer, because a recent ransomware attack has forced developer CD Projekt Red to delay the patch to the latter half of March, it said in a series of tweets Wednesday.

"Our goal for Patch 1.2 goes beyond any of our previous updates," CD Projekt Red wrote. "We've been working on numerous overall quality improvements and fixes, and we still have work to do to make sure that's what you get."

Earlier this month, the Polish developer acknowledged that its network had been hacked. The attackers threatened to release the source code for Cyberpunk, The Witcher 3, an "unreleased version of Witcher 3" and spinoff card game Gwent

The hack came after Sony and Microsoft pulled Cyberpunk from their digital stores and offered refunds to unhappy customers in December, following widespread reports that the game was nearly unplayable on base PS4 and Xbox One hardware (the original 2013 versions of the consoles). 

The developer's co-founder acknowledged in an apology video that the console version of its game "did not meet the quality standard we wanted it to meet" and outlined its plans for fixing the problems through patches.

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