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Cougar 450K hybrid mechanical keyboard repels coffee, energy drinks

If you're constantly spilling stuff on your gaming gear, this $60 backlit keyboard may be just the thing.

Never worry about spilling a drink on this Cougar 450K gaming keyboard. Aloysius Low/CNET

TAIPEI -- The struggle is real: keeping yourself hydrated during epic gaming binges always comes with the added risk of ruining your expensive kit with horrible accidental spills. Fortunately, German company Cougar's splashproof 450K hybrid mechanical keyboard is here to save the day.

Priced at $60 (which converts to around £40 or AU$80), it seems relatively cheap for a backlit gaming keyboard, but it's not perfect. While Cougar says it's a hybrid mechanical keyboard, it actually has plastic keycaps, but the company has managed somewhat to recreate the clickiness of mechanical keyboards.

Using it, I could still tell something just wasn't quite right, but if you've been using a normal keyboard you may appreciate how much more responsive the 450K is.

Other features include anti-ghosting and three color options for the keys, while its 1,000Hz polling rate means very little input delay and faster response to your finger commands. There's also onboard memory for programmable macros.

The Cougar 450K will be sold globally this month after Computex. Because you may get quite a lot of, er, NSFW results searching for the company online, here's a direct link to its site, which has links to local retailers in your country.