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This wireless-charging mousepad gives you power between pwns

Planning an epic 24-hour twitch stream? The Concept Zeus mousepad from Corsair will charge your wireless mouse (and your phone) for you.

Corsair's Concept Zeus mousepad charges your mouse in between pwning sessions.
Claire Reilly/CNET

We have wireless charging pads. We have wireless mice. It doesn't seem like rocket surgery to put the two things together.

That's what Corsair has finally done with the new Concept Zeus mousepad, shown off for the first time at Computex in Taipei.

The Concept Zeus mousepad features a inductive charging circle in the top right corner of the pad, allowing you to charge your wireless mouse (using the Qi inductive charging standard). That means it will also work for any Qi-enabled devices, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Don't have an Android phone? Corsair has also knocked up a lightning-connected dongle that will plug into your iPhone and sit on the charging zone to charge your phone.

Here are the key features we've seen on the early Concept Zeus prototype:

  • Qi charging
  • Seven-button mouse with RGB lighting
  • Mouse connects via Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz
  • USB port at the back to plug in your mouse's wireless receiver
  • Connects to PC via 2 USB cables
  • Charging zone charges mouse, Qi-enabled phones or iPhone dongle.

It's early days for Concept Zeus so details are still thin -- for example, we don't yet know if the mouse and pad will be sold together or separately. But Corsair says we can expect a release in the second half of 2017 or, at the latest, January 2018.

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