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Circuit Playground plushies a perfect post-Xmas toy for hacker kids

The newest product from open-source hardware leader Adafruit Industries, the plushies are meant to enthrall the young hacker in your life.

MHO the Resistor is one of the six Circuit Playground plushies from Adafruit Industries. Adafruit Industries

It's a little late for Christmas presents, but if you throw a little time-machine action into the mix, this might be the perfect gift for the hacker kid in your life: Circuit Playground plushies.

The plushies are the newest product from Adafruit Industries, a leader in the open-source hardware world and the maker of a wide range of products for hackers young and old. Led by Entrepreneur magazine's entrepreneur of the year Limor Fried, Adafruit has a long history of promoting the do-it-yourself movement, and giving those who play and work in it the tools they need.

They are also big culture hackers, having offered a bounty for the first person to hack Microsoft's Kinect, produced a series of hacker scout badges, and come up with a concept for a Lego set for geek girls. The plushies are tied to Adafruit's Circuit Playground app.

As Adafruit wrote about the new plushies on its Web site, "We know it's hard to figure exactly what will spark a young mind on to the journey towards science, technology, engineering, art, math and more -- we wish we had these when were young."

There are six plushies -- Cappy the Capacitor, Hans the 555 Timer chip, MHO the Resistor, Connie the Transistor, Ruby the Red LED, and Gus the Green LED.