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Chests on: 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest

Modern games not immersive enough for you? You might want to consider getting the FPS gaming vest, which promises to blast you into the action

Modern games not immersive enough for you? You might want to consider getting the 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest, which promises to blast you into the action in ways you might never have imagined. Sort of.

Here's how it works: you strap the vest on, connect it to your PC via USB, and to a compressor unit via an air tube. Fire up a compatible game (Call of Duty 2 is bundled), get shot, and the drivers will send a message to the compressor to fire a blast of air down the tube, and into a set of air bags inside the vest. The effect is supposed to be akin to getting shot.

In truth, it's nothing like getting shot -- trust us, we work in South East London, so we know. There's no incredible shocking impact, no feeling like a bomb's just gone off in your chest, and no blood spurts. It's more like being gently prodded. Plus, if you get prodded loads of times in a row, the compressor runs out of air and has to refill itself.

Having said that, it does add a degree of involvement, like a much bigger version of the vibrating controller. We're not sure whether it's worth £149, but if you've got the cash and you want to take your games to the next level, head over to and get involved. But don't forget to check our photos first. -Rory Reid

Here's the box it comes in, sitting pretty on our carpet. It's not massive, so you could quite easily lug it around with you to a LAN party. Or wear it, if you don't mind the possibility of being shot by anti-terror police.

Here's a close-up of the USB connection. That long black tube is where the air is pumped from the compressor.

And here's the compressor. It's a little unit, but unfortunately it makes a fair bit of noise. It's okay if you're playing with headphones on, or you've got the speakers cranked up, but don't be surprised if your mum knocks on your door to see what kind of weird gadgetry you're experimenting with.