Casino yanks Konami video slot machines

Gambling operator in Canada shuts down 87 Konami video slot machines due to concerns they may contain subliminal messages.

Brendan Sinclair

A gambling operator in Ontario has shut down 87 Konami video slot machines due to concerns that they may contain subliminal messages encouraging players to keep gambling, according to CBC News. The Canadian news service reported that three brands of video slot machines sold by the publisher's gambling division flashed winning jackpot symbols for one-fifth of a second during every spin.

A Konami spokesperson told the CBC the jackpot symbols were the result of a software glitch the company will fix. Konami has determined that four of its machines--Most Wanted, Sergeant Fritter, Billionaires and Sticks and Stones--have the glitch, but only the first three were released in Canada. Ontario's Alcohol and Gaming Commission told the CBC that it is examining the matter to see what actions, if any, need to be taken.

Brendan Sinclair reported for GameSpot.