Call of Duty Warzone celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Wear something green or else get sniped.

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Call of Duty Warzone

Get some mates together for an Irish celebration in Warzone. 


There might not be a St. Patrick's Day event in most cities, but there is one in Call of Duty Warzone. The battle royale game has new content for purchase for players to show off their Irish pride. 

Developer Infinity Ward added two St. Patrick's Day bundles to Warzone, according to a blog post Monday. The Tracer Green Pack includes the Snap Dragon and Gangrene weapon blueprints, each with their own green details. There's also the Leprechaun charm and the Uplinked calling card. The bundle costs 1,600 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points, or approximately $15. 

Another Irish-themed bundle is the Clover and Out pack, which includes the "I Pinch Back" Otter skin, the Wish Me Luck and Top O' the Mornin' weapon blueprints. It also contains the Stout and Pot of Gold charms and a Lucky Charm sticker. This pack costs 1,100 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points, or approximately $10. 

Warzone launched March 11 and has been incredibly popular, pulling in more than 6 million players in 24 hours.

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