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Build your own starship with new 'Star Wars' combat game

Disney Interactive's upcoming multiplayer game, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, will soon hit the Internet. Fans can sign up to test it out.

Screenshot from Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Disney Interactive

Ever wanted to pilot a X-wing fighter or a TIE Interceptor? Well, you soon can with Disney Interactive's new Star Wars: Attack Squadrons online game.

The entertainment giant announced Tuesday that it's releasing a closed beta version of this new combat game in early 2014 and fans can sign up to test it.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be a multiplayer battle game that will be free to play online when out of beta. Part of the idea of the game is to let players customize and make special modifications to their "Star Wars" starships.

"In Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, players will enter exciting dogfighting action with up to 16 players at a time as they maneuver through iconic 'Star Wars' locations," said.

Disney Interactive announced the upcoming release of another "Star Wars" game called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star in October. This game was developed to be played on mobile devices.

In April, Disney shut down LucasArts, the video game arm of the Lucas entertainment empire, by laying off staff and ceasing development of two forthcoming "Star Wars" games. At the time, LucasFilm agreed that "Star Wars" games should be developed either by third-party studios or Disney Interactive.

Here's a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Attack Squadrons: