Break things in the Fallout 76 BETA starting Oct. 23

The beta test for Bethesda's next open-world game hits Xbox One on October 23, PS4 and PC on Oct. 30.

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Dan Ackerman

Wasteland wanderers eager for another trek through the post-apocalyptic Fallout series won't have to wait until the the Nov. 14 release of Fallout 76

Game publisher Bethesda says that a beta version of the game will be available for Xbox One players to try on October 23, and for PlayStation 4 and PC players on October 30. 

Called the BETA, or "Break-It Early Test Application," it's only available to people who have preordered the game. So it's not going to work as a "try before you buy" experience, but it is a chance to get an early feel for this unique online-only take on the Fallout universe


The game differs from previous installments in that it's played online with other survivors, vehicles are included for the first time and you'll need online access (and an Xbox Live Gold or PS4 Plus subscription for consoles ) to play. 

Instructions for how to redeem the beta code that came with game preorders are here on the official FAQ page

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